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Random musings of a cooking astrophysicist
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27th-Apr-2010 01:36 pm - The wheels on the car (redux)
Now go CRACK. Yep, the shop cracked the rim while they were trying to repair it. Spent the morning searching online to find a new one before realizing that um, I have no way to replace the damn thing myself. Called another local shop who quoted me about the same price as online, but with switching things over included. Its going to take a few days to get here, but I should have a replacement soon!
26th-Apr-2010 03:35 pm - The Bat Blanky
I have to share this!  I finished making this a while back for some friends who live in MD, and who are expecting their first child, a little baby girl.  But she's going to be a baby girl with a Batman Blanky!

26th-Apr-2010 12:09 pm - The wheels on the car go...

Not entirely sure what happened yesterday but have managed to slightly damage the wheel rim on the front passenger side of my car.  Not Good.  Luckily a repair's only going to cost about $120, but damn if its not annoying!
And really, how he obviously seems to care.  A lot.  And worry.

Sunday was a bit of a bad day.  Was my first day back working and whilst in the office, I bent over to pick something up and felt a sharp stabbing pain in my ribs.  OMFG, there was a lump, that felt hard and immobile.  I, obviously, freaked out.  Rick mailed to see how I was doing.  I told him I was freaking.  He asked why.  I explain (he knows about the surgery approx 10 years ago too).  No sooner had I hit send, then the phone rings.  Tis Rick, highly worried, but talks me through the panic, calms me down, and makes me promise to go to the docs on Monday.  Which I do.  Turns out that a stitch from the last surgery is still inside me and appears to be repeatedly getting infected/flaring up.  Doc has me on a mega dose of anti-biotics now.  Anyway, full of relief, I call Rick, but he misses the call, so I drive into work.  Get to work, to notice that he's called me back, and call him.  He's now the freaked out and panicked one, having assumed that my not picking up the call => DOOM.  *headdesks*

And this is how it is with him.  He cares.  A lot, and blatantly obviously.  And yes, I care about him.  So why the hell are we still playing these "not going out" games???
20th-Jan-2010 11:39 am - So, this is getting interesting....
...In my last post (yeah, I know, it was a while back... Sue me, I've been busy!), I mentioned a very nice guy (whom we'll call Rick) with whom there was the potential for something interesting.  Well, the interesting bit can only be termed "long distance insanity".  He lives a 2 hour flight away in Washington DC.  Which is fine, I can cope with that (and yes, Eve, I know, I should find a nice microbiologist in Huntsville, but he's not an astrophysicist!).  And so when we first met at the beginning of December, the chemistry was there and instant, but (as is the way of these things), he was a bit wary about getting into an LDR when he has the stress of finishing his thesis and remotely dealing with his father's (serious and worsening) health problems.  So, his line was, "let's be really good friends and see what develops."  OK, fine.   The friendship is close, fun and seriously flirty.  Most of our friends, unless told otherwise, think we're together.  He's happy to let them think we are.  I tend to correct them if asked.  

So, this past week's been interesting.  Mom and my brother were in town last week and they expressed a desire to go to DC, cause well, we're closer than usual.  So we go to DC, and I remember a bloody good Afghani restaurant that Rick and I have been to in the past, that I think my mom would love.  So I call Rick for the address.  He insists on meeting us for dinner (and then posts to the forum we both met on/post on that yay, he got to meet Angua's mother!").  He's well behaved (i.e. minimal flirting, but obviously caring), and gives mom a very good impression.  So much so that mom spends the rest of the week asking leading questions!

During the week we exchange a few very flirtatious emails etc, over the course of which I make a comment about well, we are just friends, friends have boundaries and I don't want to cross them, e.g. by getting *too* flirtatious (hey, I can take a hint when it hits me in the face!).  And on Saturday, after I drop mom and brother off at the airport, we end up chatting via phone on the drive home.  During which he decides to tell me that yeah, on Tuesday night, when we were all out for dinner, a friend of his called to see if he wanted to join him for dinner.  Rick obviously called back, and explained that um, sorry, already had plans, and in the explanation of said plans "accidentally" said "yeah, my girlfriend and her mom were in town so I was out for dinner with them".  He claims it was a slip, and that when friend inquired, he did amend his statement to "we're just really close friends".

But seriously??  Just how the fuck can you "accidentally" call me your girlfriend when you keep maintaining that for now we have to be just friends??  And why do you do this every single time I set boundaries etc and act on them? *headdesks repeatedly*
AKA, nom nom nom!  This is a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe, modified to add a bit extra vanilla essence to counteract the espresso beans.  It rules. 

Recipe below the cut...Collapse )
1st-Nov-2009 11:00 am - Grrrr...
...I was going to make chocolate covered espresso bean cookies today, but can't find my cookie recipe.  Rats!
15th-Oct-2009 06:30 pm - Woo!
iPod arrived today!!  Now.  How the hell do I get into it???
With emails etc?  Anyone?  Bueler?  Is there even any such thing?
12th-Oct-2009 10:49 pm - Back to Huntsville
Finally! After a long long day, and two morning appearances of Captain Underpants. Thank god I don't have to work with him in December!
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